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Overweight Woman Lost Over 400 Pounds In One Year

Amber at the age of 24 reached a weight of 660 pounds. By nature, she is an emotional eater and was enabled by her parents and boyfriend. Each day, she consumes large meals several times and has since admitted that eats as a means of comforting her own anxieties.

Because of the weight, her legs became severely swollen, making it difficult for her to walk for extended distances. She decided to drop out of college.

According to Amber, her weight progressed to a point where she no longer felt full. Even after consuming a sizable meal, she would still feel hunger pangs. Amber knew that she could not continue to live her life in such an unhealthy manner. She decided to visit a gastric bypass surgeon to find out more about the options that were available to her.

The doctor was not willing to perform surgery and Amber proved that she could take the initiative to lose weight on her own. The doctor told her to return to his offices once she had lost 22 pounds without his assistance.

She finally shed the necessary weight and was able to receive a much needed gastric bypass procedure. She dropped 267 pounds in a year and she has yet to reach her goal weight.

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