8 Reasons Why Strong Women Have Difficulty Finding Love

You’ve got a great job, a beautiful home and you’re very smart. So why is it that you seem to have a harder time finding a partner than your other friends do? If you’ve been wondering why you find it so difficult to have a proper relationship, here’s why.

Take a look:

#1. You’re Perceived As Dominant

Being a strong, successful woman can make men feel overwhelmed in your presence. A man who knows you call the shots at work will typically worry that you might try to do the same in a relationship as well. If this is just a problem of perception, then the time you spend with a person will help them see your true self. Though, if you do tend to be the boss in a relationship, take a step back and recognize that both partners are equals in a relationship.

#2. Your Intelligence Unnerves Some Men

Of course this doesn’t apply to all, but most men like being appreciated for their opinions and cleverness. An intelligent woman, however, is not afraid to call them out when they’re wrong and always has a well-formed counterargument of her own. Don’t ever feel like you need to mask your intelligence to have a good date. Remember where your smartness has led you and never play dumb for any man.

#3. You’re Self-Sufficient

Blame it on social concepts, but most men enjoy being providers. They like the feeling of being able to meet their partner’s needs and being thankful for it. When you’re successful all on your own, and especially when you’re more successful than them, this can make some men feel powerless. They might feel like you’ve deprived them of their desire to feel needed. Don’t feel apologetic about your success though. Bad dates are temporary, but as long as you can stand on your own two feet, you’ll always be fine.

#4. You Are Picky About Men

Your adamant attitude has led you to fight for higher positions at work and negotiate a higher paycheck. But when you apply this same principle to your dating life, you might run into speed bumps more often. Your list of requirements might need your future partner to be successful, well-read and good looking, but real life doesn’t work that way. While meeting new people, see what traits you consider non-negotiable and which ones you can accommodate or adjust to. If success is your main requirement, cut him a little slack if he’s not the best dressed.

#5. You Might Not Have The Time For A Relationship

We love our jobs, but sometimes it can seem to eclipse every other aspect of our lives. If being in a relationship isn’t really a priority for you, then you shouldn’t feel guilty for spending so much time at work. However, if you do want to find love, then realize you might need to cut back a little time at the office so you can be there for the other person too. You wouldn’t like it if your partner lived at the office and didn’t give you any attention, so give them the same importance you expect in return.

#6. You Always Speak Your Mind

You don’t have the patience to play coy with a man. If he does something you don’t like, you don’t waste any time telling him exactly what he’s doing that bothers you. Likewise, you tell him exactly what you feel about him and don’t feel the need to play silly courtship games. For many men, this might be worrying at first as they’re not used to someone being so forthright. However, if he’s the right man for you, he’ll appreciate this quality of yours and encourage it.

#7. You’re Very Realistic

Many successful women tend to be realists. They don’t have notions of happily ever after with Mr. Right. They are aware that relationships are hard work and people come with flaws. For many, this might discourage them from boarding on new relationships in search of their special one. It might be difficult at first, but try to get your sense of optimism back. Painting all men with the same brush is unfair to them and it increases your chances of losing out on meeting wonderful people.

#8. You Don’t Want To Be Vulnerable

Dealing with your colleagues and struggling to break through the glass ceiling has forced you to develop a tough exterior. This has carried over into your personal life too and you find it awfully difficult to let down your walls and let someone else in. Men you’ve dated in the past might have gotten frustrated with you always being so closed off. As scary as it sounds, try opening up a little more and being emotionally available to your partner.

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