12 Secrets Of Female Body That Even Women Don’t Know

Human body is a complicated one and there are endless wonders that will take you by surprise. Especially, women have something more happening than men and there are certain things that might be surprising to women too.

Here are some of the shocking facts that you did not about the female body:

One breast is larger than the other.

Now, how many of you knew that there is actually a very small difference in size between the two breasts.

The attractiveness of the baby is highly dependent on what women eat during pregnancy.

Common ladies, be wise and eat wise to welcome those good looking children.

Same part of the brain is responsible to show sexual arousal and food cravings in women.

Women work on the same part of the brain to show their sexual arousal as well as their food cravings.

Women tend to experience multiple orgasms.

On the other hand men need time before the second.

Women’s mind tends to dwell into past more than men.

They sure have a better memory than men.

Unlike men, women can listen from both the sides of their brain.

That explains their calm and balanced mind state.

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