These Are Not The Stones On This Dam, Zoom In To Find The Truth

Have you ever been to a dam before? What did you see there? Well, most of the dams are kind a similar to one another. Water on one side and a giant wall on the other is a common scene of a dam. This dam also seems similar until we get really close to it.
This is a dam in Northern Italy, which nears the Gran Paradiso National Park. It has something in its womb which is pretty amazing. It’s hiding something very special. You have to go and see for yourself.
If you can’t go there, let us show you some pics which will give you a clear idea of what precious is hiding in this dam. No, no… It’s not jewelry or some wealth, but a beautiful example of God’s world creation.
Let’s see what it is. This is the general view of the dam from a distance. Can you see anything different or special?
You mustn’t be able to find any differentiating feature by now.

Let us help you with a little closer look. Can you see something new now? Does the small shadows on the wall of the dam looks like some misplaced stones that are stretching out from the commonly leveled wall? Most of the people consider it the same and do not delve deep to find what exactly these are. But, when they see these shadows moving, it adds to their curiosity to find out more about that. Some consider it supernatural, but those who have an inquisitive mind go near to find out the reason. Let’s have a closer look now.
How’s that? Can you see it properly now. Believe it! These are goats for sure. Goats on a slanting dam wall.
Am I beautiful? Can I come near you to see how do I look in the photo?
So, who these are? These are Alpine Ibexes category of goats that have a very good climbing capacity. They climb on the dams for their love of minerals and salts hidden in the stones of the dam. Isn’t it an awesome creation of the nature or God?
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