Heartwarming Incident Where A Cold Puppy Found Warmth In A Nativity Scene’s Manger

Christmas is all about spreading, love and warmth all around and trying to emulate the teaching and reason for Christ’s birth!

Back in 2008, Christmas helped give hope to one little puppy who had no where to go… so he found asylum in a manger.

Residents of Criciuma — a town in Santa Catarin, Brazil — were shocked when they happened upon their local Nativity scene. Lying right next to the baby Jesus was a tiny German Shepherd, peacefully sleeping.

Take a closer look.

The little puppy was curled up right next to the baby Christ figure, trying to stay warm.  Bystanders were stunned!  You can bet there were countless “Awwww” sounds from the quickly-gathering crowd before someone scooped up the little dog.

Thankfully, someone snapped a few photos of the adorable act and shared them with the community. Since, the photos have circulated widely around the world.  You may have even seen them before.

It’s been assumed that someone took and, hopefully, adopted this sweet puppy. But either way, this miraculous event serves as a reminder that during the holiday season while it’s cold and frigid, we should show compassion, warmth and love as often as we can.

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