Daughter Taught Dad How To Selfie And Soon He Became An Internet Sensation

In a chain of photos originally posted to the ‘Cool Dog Group’ Facebook page, then spread around the Internet, the man can be seen working the front camera with two extremely photogenic dogs, and even a sheep.

It’s so innocent and pure, it’s bringing smiles to everyone who lays their eyes on it. Can we just go live on this guy’s farm and take selfies with all his delightful animals, please?

Although the story seems to have been confirmed by the man’s goddaughter, we’re still looking for more information about him, and perhaps more selfies too.

If we have any snooping detective pandas in the audience who have added info to offer, drop it in the comments. In the meantime, enjoy these wholesome, heartwarming photos, and share them with anyone who needs a pick-me-up today

Take a look:

Photo: boredpanda


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