The Blue Whale Game Is Back To Haunt Youngsters And This Time The Victim Is The Son Of A Former Egyptian MP

The controversial Blue Whale game has claimed its latest victim and this time it is the son of a former Egyptian MP Hamdy El-Fakharany. The young man was found dead in his home in Egypt.

The 18-year-old Khalid El-Fakharany was totally into the game and his sister found several notes in his room with scribbled writing and whale drawings amongst other unknown symbols.

The game comprises of 50 challenges over 50 days. It includes tasks like waking up at 4am and watching horror films and increases in extremity to culminate with the final challenge – suicide.

The game first made it appearance in Russia in 2013 and went on to become a controversial one due to the suicides of teenagers across the world.

In an emotional plea to raise awareness about the game’s insidious dangers Khalid’s sister, Yasmeen El-Fakharany, took to Facebook imploring her followers to monitor their children’s phones so that they do not fall prey to the “devilish game”.

She warned of the online game’s deadly influence adding that as a religious boy, Khalid wouldn’t have committed suicide that easily.

She wrote, “I beg you, don’t challenge yourselves and try the game. No one was as strong and as religious as Khalid, yet he challenged it, and it defeated him”.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has also urged parents to be aware of the game, advocating taking precautionary measures such as regularly checking up on their child’s wellbeing and monitoring their online activity.


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