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Student Is Duped Into Stripping To Win An iPhone X

A trainee teacher was duped to strip of her clothes off with the promise of an iPhone X.

She was kicked out of the college, after taking part in the night club stunt to win the latest Apple smartphone. But, later, she was awarded with her own, cheaper handset that had been pinched from her bag.

Video footage shows, the 19-year-old teenager, Yevgenya S – awkwardly covering her breasts at the venue in Troitsk, Russia.

After academics saw the video online, they expelled her from pedagogical college.

The trainee said she took part in the contest after watching males in the club do the same.

‘We were enjoying ourselves, drinking, then the competition began,’ she said.

‘The host started with boys, and then it was my turn.’

The teenager is seen covering her breasts in the footage, which got her kicked off a college course in Russia

An onlooker captured the video which shows the competition’s host urging Yevgenya to remove her knickers.

He offers to hug her while she does so that spectators won’t see as the crowd roars with excitement.

A club rep can be heard convincing her to remove the last of her clothing, offering to hug her while she does so

Yegenya’a mother, Elena, reportedly works several jobs to fund her daughter’s education.

She said her daughter was old enough to maker her own decisions but sometimes ‘does what others tell her’.

‘She is not 15, she should think with her own head,’ she said.

Photo: Dailymail


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