Old Lady Who Was Mocked By Caretakers Breathes Her Last After Succumbing To Dementia Battle

A great-grandmother who was lying helpless in her bed as her caretakers mocked her dementia has died at the age of 87. Freda Jobson passed away on Easter Monday after losing her battle to Alzheimer’s.

Her daughter Maddy said that she was pleased that her mother at least had a dignified death after revealing that they feared Freda had given up the will to live when she was moved to Keldgate Manor in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

She was also ill treated by three carers who were sacked and given lifetime bans from being carers. Footage showed Freda being asked if she was a witch who did ‘black magic’.

They also removed a padded bandage from her elbow which covered a sore. It was then wrapped it around her head. The three carers also laughed and mocked Freda’s groans.

Christine said: ‘She was so vulnerable. She was powerless.’

Maddy said: ‘Our mum has been so strong. We’re so grateful that she was given a dignified death, surrounded by family.

‘She was so caring. We’re all going to miss her so much.’ Freda was also mother to Jean, 63, and Christine, 61.

Christine, who flew in from Australia on Saturday to keep a vigil at her mother’s bedside, said: ‘Mum was so loving. The three of us had such beautiful childhoods.’

Freda was born in 1930 in Hull. She married George Jobson in November 1952. The couple settled down in Beverley, where George – a freeman of the town – was employed at a shipyard.

They even ran a grocery store in 1970s before Freda became a nursing assistant. When her husband developed oesophagus cancer, Freda cared for him. George died from the condition in 1994, aged 66.

Freda’s daughters told of their heartbreak at having to watch their mother’s demise, leading to social services finding her a place at Keldgate Manor.

Maddy said: ‘She lived in her own little bubble,’ said Maddy. ‘She eventually lost her speech, which used to frustrate her enormously.

‘She knew what she wanted to say but couldn’t get the words out.’

Christine added: ‘Alzheimer’s disease is a horrendous condition. It’s a cruel condition.’

Freda’s fragility served only to compound her family’s disgust when they discovered what she had endured at Keldgate Manor.

The three carers were given a 12-month community orders along with the penalty of £1,500 each in compensation, and banned from the industry for life.

Tracy Priestley, 41, Sophie Hinchsliff, 24, and Danielle Snowden, 25, all pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court to ill-treating or wilfully neglecting a person without capacity.

Maddy said: ‘Our mum hated attention. She would have hated all the publicity that surrounded the case. But had to be our mother’s voice – she couldn’t speak up for herself.

‘We felt very strongly that the public needed to know what was going on there.’

Christine said: ‘Those carers will have to live with what they did to our mum for the rest of their lives.’

The sisters were pretty happy with the East Riding Community Hospital, where Freda passed away. Maddy said: ‘She was so happy there. We’d have little celebrations with our mum every Mothering Sunday, on her birthday and at Christmas. The staff made such an effort.’

Christine extended her family’s heartfelt thanks to the hospital. She said: ‘As a family, we can’t thank them enough for the care they gave our mum.’

Following the closure of Keldgate Manor last year, the site was acquired by Leeds-based Springfield Healthcare Group.

The new owners want to convert the home into a £10m care village, with work expected to begin in September.

Maddy said: ‘I’m told lessons have been learned across the industry. Hopefully, this will be a fresh start.’ Freda is survived by six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.


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