Mexican Weather Girl Susana Almeida Has Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction Live On Air


A Mexican weather girl has unfortunate embarrassing wardrobe malfunction live on air. There have been so many videos online where we’ve seen television presenters exposing themselves accidentally on live TV. A couple of channels have even gone to the extent of presenting news with half-naked woman to gain audience and increase their rating points.


Mexican weather girl Susana Almeida, a presenter on 4 Televisa Guadalajara, was doing her usual report when keen observers spotted that her tight trousers had given her an unfortunate camel toe.

One social-media user went on to say “This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Watch the video below:

Susana who was voted “the world’s hottest weather presenter” by the Daily Star, is now an internet sensation thanks to her camel toe.

I doubt that is how she wished to get famous.

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