Disgusting!! Family In Pakistan Settles Rape Crime With The Help Of ‘Revenge Rape’

Police in Pakistan have arrested 12 people for excusing the rapist by allowing the victim’s brother to have sex with the sister of the accused. The man was accused of rape in Pir Mahal in Toba Tek Singh district. After the incident, the family of the accused requested victim’s kin to pardon and reconciliation.

Interestingly, the victim’s family decided to let go the incident and demanded for a revenge rape, where the brother of the victim would do the same act with the accused’s sister. According to the report, the brother had sex with the suspect’s sister.

The police were alerted when the two families submitted a legal document consenting to not file case against each other. The senior officers looked into the matter and arrested the culprits.

The reports show that this is the second such incident in the region. In another shocking incident In July last year, a village council had ordered revenge rape on a 16-year-old girl because her brother had raped a 12-year-old minor girl. The revenge rape was carried out in front of her parents and 40 village council members.


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