Amazing Japanese Airport Worker Shows How It’s Done

A Japanese worker was filmed while cleaning luggage for passengers before they arrived to pick it up. The clipping on social media showed the staff member handling the luggage with care, unlike UK crew who were seen carelessly lobbying suitcase around.

The worker also checked every bag for marks before cleaning each one of them with a white cloth as it came through.

Footage of Luton ground crew workers showed them hurling luggage from an easyJet plane like rubbish bags onto a waiting truck last year.

Passenger Jonas Ozolins recorded the reckless workers unloading the bags and cases from a flight on March 13 2017. The footage showed men carelessly throwing away the suitcases.

It is understood the baggage handlers worked for a company called Menzies Aviation, who have contracts at most UK airports.

At the time a spokesman for Menzies Aviation said: ‘Menzies Aviation considers the safe conveyance of passengers’ luggage to be a matter of the highest importance.

‘The behaviour displayed in this video is unacceptable, and an investigation is already under way. We will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that such behaviour is stopped, and our professional standards are upheld properly in future.’

The baggage handlers in Birmingham airport were also slammed after a similar video emerged in 2017. A handler unceremoniously chucked holidaymakers’ bags in the hold of a Ryanair plane.
There appeared to be another baggage handler inside the plane, but the handler outside made no effort to pass the bags to him.

At the time, the budget airline said: ‘In the airline industry, this is what’s known as baggage handling – and unlike other airlines, we don’t lose passengers’ bags.’


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