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People And Their Strange Addictions


Addicted to Air Freshener: Evelyn, from Missouri has been addicted to spraying air freshener in her mouth and ‘drinking’ it every day.


Addicted to Drinking Urine: Carrie is a 53-year-old woman who’s suffering from cancer. Instaed of trying chemotherapy, Carrie is trying something completely different, drinking her own urine.


Addicted to Eating Dead People: Casie, who developed a habit of eating her late husband’s remains.


Addicted to Snorting Baby Powder: Jaye estimates that she has snorted 1,125 pounds – around half a ton – of powder since her obsession began.


Addicted to Drinking Nail Polish: When Bertha gets thirsty she doesn’t reach for a glass of water. Instead she reaches for nail polish, drinking about 5 bottles every day.


Addicted to Coffee Enemas: Mike and Trina admits they perform their caffeinated enema at least four times a day.



Addicted to Eating Toilet Paper: Kesha has been snacking on toilet paper for years, going through about 4-5 rolls a week.



Addicted to Eating Cat Fur: Lisa she has been guzzling down cat hair for over fifteen years, licking her pet in order to get the best fur.


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