Indian Student Violently Raped A Woman He Met At A Hospitality Job

An Indian student apparently raped a woman in his car after he offered to drive her home from work.

Police say the 26-year-old allegedly attacked a 20-year-old woman as he kissed her and pinned her to the back seat of his car in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The woman told police she shrieked and yelled ‘get off me’ and tried to push him as he continued to rape her, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

The publication reports the man denied raping the woman in a phone call recorded by police and said the sex was consensual because they had both been drinking.

‘He is strongly denying the charge and his version of events is that it was consensual sex,’ his defence lawyer said.

The co-workers shared a drink in his car at The Southport Spit before the man allegedly tried to kiss his victim seven times and said ‘we’re friends, just let this happen’.

He then tossed her over, pinned her down and anally raped her for 5-10 minutes until she said she would finish her drink, the court heard.

The woman then managed to escape the car as the man followed her down Sea World Drive begging her to get back in the car because ‘it was raining’ police allege.

She received bruising on her rectum according to a forensic examination conducted after police seized the car.

The man’s defence lawyer told the court the man was eager to stay in Australia until the case is settled and stay in touch with police.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair reflected on the lack of witnesses and it being a case of ‘the woman’s word against the man.

‘It is impossible to assess the Crown’s case as being strong or weak at this point in time,’ he reportedly said in court.

He granted bail on the condition he return his passport, report to police and stay at least 500m away from an international airport.

The matter will return to court on March 20.

Photo: dailymail


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