Mom Expects Triplets Again But Doctors Advise Her To Abort The Little Girl, One Year Later…

Doctors know what is best for the patient and we are mostly advised to follow their suggestions. But a mothers instinct cannot be trumped and this is a glowing example of a mothers will and love!

Chloe Dunstan and her husband, Rohan, had three wonderful boys, but longed to have a girl to complete their family. They decided to try having one more child in the hope of having a girl. Very soon, Chloe made the happy announcement to Rohan that she had become pregnant.

During one of the routine checkups, the couple learned that they were about to have not one, not two, but three brand-new bundles of joy. Both shocked and elated, this couple learned that they would be blessed with two new boys and, at last … a girl!

In eager preparation for the arrival of their new family addition, the couple, as well as their three sons, went about redesigning and renovating their home.

However, during Chloe’s 28th-week checkup, both parents found out something that transformed all of their joy and excitement into grave concern and worry.

Up until then, all seemed to have been going well with the pregnancy, but now, doctors reported that there was a problem with one of the babies.

The doctors then asked the expectant parents to make perhaps the most difficult decision any parent would ever have to make.

From scans, it seemed to the doctors that the two boys were doing fine. The girl fetus, however, was underdeveloped according to developmental expectations they had of the current stage of the pregnancy. The situation seemed to just get worse week by week.

Chloe’s doctors explained that the girl would probably die unless she had surgery. Yet, such a procedure could put the unborn boys at risk, who were otherwise doing perfectly well!

Chloe had a difficult decision to make: She could allow the surgery and give the little girl a chance at life, while risking the health of all three babies; or she could make the decision to sacrifice her daughter’s life in order to ensure the safety of the two boys, who were otherwise perfectly healthy.

“I could barely listen to any of that… My mind was on a one-way track of ‘I want ALL of my babies’, I did briefly consider the alternative, I did a lot of research and tried to get a feel for what they were in for. I knew it would be tough but I just couldn’t give up on her. I knew she was strong because she made it all the way to 28 weeks, when she was barely getting any nutrients in the womb,” Chloe wrote on Facebook.

Chloe soon made up her mind to give all three unborn babies a chance—even though at times she felt she was not very sure whether it was the right thing to do.

When Chloe gave birth to the triplets, they were immediately placed in intensive care.

With each passing day, however, all three of them grew healthier and stronger.

Chloe’s new daughter, Pearl, was the tiniest of the lot, but she fought bravely and survived.

“My three babies, they all made it, and not only that but they’re all very healthy as far as we can tell,” said Chloe.

Chloe and Rohan are truly happy and relieved that all went well for their beautiful new family addition.

“I guess I just wanted to say that I’m so very happy and grateful for how everything has worked out. I couldn’t imagine life without her and I’m so proud of all three of them. I can’t wait to watch them grow,” Chloe said.

Sometimes, amidst the most difficult life choices, the answer may be clear to us in our heart, even though rational science may tell us differently. Indeed, we need to recognize and listen to what we know to be right, for that is exactly what makes hope possible—the very lives of others depend on the vital hope we offer them! This family made a tough choice to give their daughter hope, and in the end, it proved right. They made it … every last one!

Now a year old, the triplets are all healthy and strong; here they pose for a photo with their three big brothers!

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