Egyptian Killed After Houthi Rebels Fire Missile On Saudi Capital

Looks like the tensions between Saudi Arabia and Houthi rebels is not going to end anytime soon. The Al Houthis launched 3 missiles at Riyadh and 4 others at southern cities of Khamis Mushait, Jizan and Najran.

However, Saudi forces intercepted seven Yemeni missiles. Unfortunately, one Egyptian was killed and two of his countrymen were injured by falling shrapnel in Riyadh. The residents reported loud explosions and bright flashes in the sky shortly before midnight.

The Irani-backed Al Houthi rebels targeted Riyadh and other four cities. “This aggressive and hostile action by the Iran-backed Huthi group proves that the Iranian regime continues to support the armed group with military capabilities,” coalition spokesman Turki Al Malki said.

“The firing of multiple ballistic missiles towards cities is a serious development.”

The rebels have been targeting Riyadh with several missiles, all of which have been intercepted by the Saudi forces.


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