Did Controversial Indian Leader Really Receive Saudi Citizenship From The King?

Dr. Zakir Naik is a known name to the Muslims around the world thanks to his preaching. The Indian leader who is well known in the Muslim nations is equally controversial.

While most of them respect him for his teachings, there are also people who want him to be arrested for spreading negativity and extremism.

However, he is now in the news for his Saudi citizenship. Different media channels started to spread the news that Naik had actually received the Saudi citizenship from the King himself. They also reported that he was given the citizenship to be protected from Modi (Indian) government. The story went viral as there was picture of King handing over a document to Naik.

But the fact is something different. Firstly, Zakir Naik has not been granted a Saudi citizenship and the picture of him with the King was taken when he was honoured for his services towards Islam with a King Faisal International Prize.

Zakir Naik is on the wanted list by India. Naik was dragged into the terror attack in Bangladesh’s café and he was held responsible by the Dhaka government. It was reported that the gunman who was involved in the attack was inspired Naik’s speech.

Meanwhile, Naik has denied that his speech never encourages anyone to be violent and taking the life of an innocent. He went on to say that taking a life is considered as a second major sin in Islam.

The Indian government has requested the Interpol to issue a Red Corner Notice against Naik, which allows the law enforcing agencies to arrest him.


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