Car Accident In Saudi Arabia Kills 9 Members Of Same Family

Nine members of a Palestinian family living in Riyadh were killed in a car crash on Al Dalam highway, south of the Saudi capital Riyadh. Two among them were children.

Six ambulances rushed to the spot after operation room was informed about the accident. The injured were taken to the hospital but they could not survive. The cause for the accident is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, the social media is buzzing that the state of the road or excessive speed could have been the reason.

“Hearing about such news is really saddening,” Abu Salman posted.

“We are losing many more people in road accidents than in wars. Decisive action is needed against any form of negligence in order to boost safety standards and preserve precious lives.”

Earlier in the year, a Saudi family involving six siblings and their mother were killed in an accident on the Sabya road in southwestern Saudi Arabia after their car collided with a heavy truck.

The preliminary investigations revealed that the major cause of the accident was the terrible condition of the asphalt of the road heavily used by trucks carrying rocks from the nearby mountains.


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