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Mom Ignored Doctors Warning, Carried Out Pregnancy. Now, She Has Grown Into 13-Year-Old Beautiful Girl

Doctors told this mom-to-be, twelve years ago, that her pregnancy was risky not only for the baby but for her as well. But this mother took the risk, keeping hope and unshakable faith alive in her heart. Today, her little angel is a bundle of pure joy and inspiration for many!

This story is about a couple named Eric and Tammy, who wanted to have a baby. But when Tammy was tested, she was diagnosed with lupus—a condition that adversely affects fetal growth and increases the risk of miscarriage.

But, the woman was determined to become a mother, so she went through with her pregnancy. For her family, it was a hard time to face the journey ahead and maintain its optimism and will.

Regular feedback has been given by doctors. They told Tammy that the baby was not growing at the normal pace. At her 19th week of pregnancy, the doctors told her she could deliver, but her daughter would have no chance of survival.

But, the mother stayed positive and hoped for the best. At 27 weeks, the doctors changed their opinion and gave her baby a 5 percent chance of survival. She was put on a bed rest and was visiting the hospital every other day for checkups. The operation was still perilous.

Doctors even informed her husband and said that even if their baby survived, the entire pregnancy had already put his wife’s life at risk and she might not make it through delivery. For Eric, signing his daughter’s birth certificate felt like sentencing his wife to death.

Finally, baby Zoe was born in January 2004, but she was even shorter than a Barbie doll at birth.

Then a miracle happened. With the consistent help from doctors no doubt, and also due to Tammy’s unshakable belief in her daughter’s will to live—both mother and child survived.

Today, Zoe is a lovely teen full of enthusiasm and zeal!

“There is nothing else I ever wanted more than to be a mom. The first several weeks were very iffy. Nobody knew what was going to happen, we didn’t know if she was still going to make it,” Tammy says in the “Oprah: Where Are They Now” video below.

“Doctors didn’t know. They have never experienced this, so they were guessing too,” says Eric, in the video.

The proud parents often show Zoe photos of her fighting to survive, a testament to her brave soul.

“My parents told me lots of stories about my birth, and I guess that made me very happy, and it let me myself know that I was special,” Zoe says.

“I gathered my strength from her. You know from the experiences she was going through to fight to live,” her mother said. “When you are in a situation when you don’t have any other choice but to be strong, you just have to be strong….God gives you that strength to make it through.”

Watch the video below


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