Country Singer Starts Building Something To Keep Late Wife’s Wish


Country singer Rory Feek has a firm belief that his wife, Joey, would have wanted Indiana, who has special needs, to be home-schooled. And he made a promise to his wife to fulfil that need even after her death.

He had to drive Indiana an hour to school every day, and the logical step in his mind was to build a one-room schoolhouse just for Indy. So he set a plan in motion. His idea was not total home-school. As he has a big property, he decided to bring the school home—and build it across the street, so Indy and kids like her can be close to their homes and family.

“If Joey were here, she would love both of the schools that Indiana goes to, but she would be homeschooling Indy. Not just now, but permanently,” Rory wrote in a blog post. “At least I believe she would. Partly because she would want our little one here at home with her, growing up and learning on our farm. And also because she would be way more interested in Indiana learning to be a good person than being a good reader.”

“To love God and the life that He’s given her, more than what a lot of the world is telling us to love. And in her mind, home is the best place to learn those things,” he wrote.

Friends, family, and neighbors were enthusiastic when Rory told them of his plan, and helped set the wheels in motion.

“Fifty or more people … descended on our parking lot at 7 am this past Saturday morning with hammers and saws, hamburgers and hotdogs and hearts full of love. They were here to help build something big for someone little,” he said.

Rory has thought out the finer details. “Besides the schoolroom, the kids will have a playground and their own garden that they can plant and take care of and a hen-house/barn with chickens and other animals to raise and woods to build a bird-watching hut and make trails that the teachers can take them for walks in.”

“Who knows, maybe someday when she grows up, she’ll want to teach there,” Rory wrote.

“Or turn the building into a vegetable stand or business where she works. Or maybe even a house where she lives. I have no idea where it will lead. Just hope in where it might lead. To be a blessing to her, and to other little ones like her.”

It is anticipated the school will open in a few months, with about a dozen children aged 3 to 4 enrolled.

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