This Photographer Without Hands Or Legs Is So Good That He Can’t Handle The Demand!

Everyone has dreams and surely a disabled person is at a lesser advantage of reaching that goal than the average person. But this unique photographer is so good at his job that people forget he doesn’t have arms!

From a young age, 24-year-old Achmad Zulkarnain was infatuated with the art of photography. However, he had one major roadblock in his way. That was, he was born without hands and legs. Nonetheless, Zulkarnain persevered. And now, he is an excellent photographer, known for being extremely resourceful.

Even without fingers, Zulkarnain can take photos. He does this by using his face, mouth and the extra skin on his arms to operate his camera. Once a shot is captured, he uploads them to his laptop and retouches them with patience.

The subjects in his photographs vary. Sometimes, he captures shots of models in traditional clothing. Other instances, he meticulously sets up his fear to capture awe-inspiring landscapes.

It is found that the photographer now has his own business, DZOEL. He set it up to manage the influx of business he’s receiving to his local area.

One of the reasons Zulkarnain loves photography is because it gives people an opportunity to focus on something else other than his disability. He told Al Jazeera: “I don’t want people to see my pictures and think of who I am – I just want them to see my creativity.”

The Indonesian-Based photographer is living proof any struggle can be overcome with enough resilience. Learn more by visiting his Facebook and Instagram.

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