This woman’s Post On Men Is The Most beautiful Thing You’ll Read Today

Men are perceived as inherent perverts who if given the opportunity commit crimes against women. There is a fear about men especially in the Indian society ever since many horrendous rape cases were reported in the past few years!

But this post by Rishita Ray Sumeet narrating a real life incident is like a breath of fresh air.

The young lady stands up for the ‘stronger’ sex and refutes that not all men are eyeing to rape women. She insists that most men around us are willing to help women and care for their safety. Read on…

“Just a couple of days back, I traveled alone from Mumbai to Pune by bus after midnight. I was one of the only two women on the bus. I was exhausted but couldn’t catch a wink because, well, men are rapists. Around 3 am, I got off the bus at Wakad Bridge. Thankfully, I had ordered a radio cab to take me home before my phone died.

As I stood there in front of the only tea stall still open, surrounded by roughly 30 men- rickshaw drivers, students, and other travelers- my heart pounded wildly inside my chest, anticipating the worst. My cab was a no show, it was a cold night, there wasn’t a single PCR van in sight and I was on the verge of tears after waiting there for 20 minutes. Seeing my situation, some students at the tea stall emptied a table for me and helped me bring my luggage into the small area that served as a bus stop/waiting hall.

The tea stall owner offered me his phone to make a call home. He then told some drunk guys creating a fuss on the street to leave because I was visibly scared. I couldn’t even thank him for his kindness as I rushed to my cab which had finally arrived. The driver told me that he had gone to bed but didn’t cancel my ride because it was late and if he didn’t show up, who would drive me home. On the way, I got out of the cab many-a-times to ask for directions from security guards at buildings and ATMs. I even approached a group of people smoking weed on a deserted sidewalk.

Every single man I spoke to that night went out of his way to help me. At last when I reached my building, my cabbie waited till I got into the lift and I heard the cab’s engine start when the lift started ascending. The door to the apartment opened before I was even out of the lift, my friends (all guys) waiting for me to reach home safe.

So no, not all men are rapists. Most of them are kind, caring and gentle humans who wouldn’t harm a woman traveling alone in the wee hours of the morning in a new city. There will always be some bad fish in the pond but not enough to stink up the entire pond. Stop calling all Indian men rapists. They’re not. Thank you, dear men, for making me feel safe in this country.

A woman who wouldn’t have achieved anything ever if not for your support.”

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