Man knocked down a wall during renovation and it opened into a massive secret underground city!

In Turkey, a man discovered something so shocking behind his home that led us into the world of a secret underground city! The modern human race might have come a long way with advanced technology but the wonders of the ancient human beings cannot be overlooked! Most of the historical monuments, made without any heavy machinery, still withstand the sands of time! One such exceptional man-made creation is the underground city of Derinkuyu!

In 1960s Turkey, a man was renovating his house when he stumbled upon a tunnel after breaking a wall

The tunnel was one of the many secret entrances to Derinkuyu

The ancient city was made for people to hide in times or invasions or calamities

It could hold almost 20,000 people

They had wells and a place for storing food

Half of the city is now available for tourists


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