28 Images From History That Shows How Messed Up The Ancient Days Were

We always look back at history with a smile on our face, at least in majority of the cases and think how beautiful those days were. But, the images you are about see will change your perception.

Here are 28 bizarre vintage photos that prove our history was messed up:

Walter Yeo

He was among the first few people to have a facial skin transplant, which was taken from the other parts of the body. He was seriously injured in World War 1.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

The museum looked scary and the above picture is a testimony for the fact. It depicts the remnants of the wax museum after a fire ate much of the building and destroyed most of the sculptures.

The bulletproof vest test

Back in the day, real people were used in testing the credibility of a bulletproof vest. They had to take the risk as their was no additional protection of sorts.

James Brock

He was known for his notorious acid stunt. He just poured acid into his motel’s pools and there were black protesters using it and you can imagine the rest.

The Mickey Mouse Club

The new leather football helmet

Like the bulletproof vest, even here real men were used for experimental purpose when the new leather football helmet was made.

The ankle competition

Yes, it was an actual competition those days. The faces would be covered and the judge (a man) had to make a decision looking at the ankles.

The 8000-Mile Hike

Two men apparently traversed an estimated distance of 8000 – from Caracus, Venezuela to Washington, DC. They did it as they wanted to attend the first Boy Scout Jamboree.

The Boy and His Boar

The boy from England became famous for riding his boar. However, he was not excited at owning and riding such a sturdy mount to ride.

The Carnival and KKK Rally

The image is real and was taken during a KKK rally where the white hoods stood creepily while at a carnival.

The flowered fabrics

Women found some escape from the Great Depression by making clothes using sacks. Eventually, the flour manufacturer decided to distribute them in flowered fabrics.

The largest black sea bass

It was captured by the popular Edward Lewellen in 1903 by pulling the fish all by himself.

Disney’s early animatronic

The engineers from Disney were already working on the company’s earliest animatronic and it looked quite natural.

The Barnum and Bailey Freak Show

It was totally a freak show comprising lineup of all types of people. People with deformities were often hired as they were believed to have shock value.

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