20 Incredible Pictures You Were Not Shown At School

We are given plenty of information during our history lessons at school and we are told stories and facts about famous historical figures and events that happened at the different periods of time in the past. Yet, we are not presented with the full information. Even when we are talking about renowned people, we should not forget that once they were young too and that they were occupied with ordinary everyday things.

But thanks to these photos now you can see those famous people from a completely different angle.

Take a look:

#1. Pope Francis.

#2. Father Bruce Lee And Son Brandon Lee Had The Same Fate.

The two actors died on movie sets. Bruce Lee died when he was only 32 years of age during the making of The Game of Death. Brandon Lee, his son, died at the age of 28 on the set of The Crow.

#3. The Kids Of Pablo Picasso.

#4. Photo Of Hemingway Catching A tuna. Please, Scroll Down.

#5. Hemingway Caught A tuna. Nothing Unusual, But Keep Scrolling Down.

#6. Audrey Hepburn At Age 46 In The Movie Robin And Marian (1975).

#7. The 18-year-old Girl In Macedonian Costume That Became Known As Mother Teresa.

#8. Mother Theresa As A Girl With Her Sister (to The Left) In traditional Macedonian Costumes.

#9. Two Photos Of Vladimir Lenin – In his Youth And His Last Photo.

#10. Fidel Castro And Ernesto Che Guevara As schoolboys.

#11. That Is A Photo Of The Young Einstein With His friends, Back In 1903.

#12. Photo Of Walt Disney While Drawing Mickey Mouse.

#13. 24-year-old Winston Churchill And 35-year-old Benito Mussolini.

#14. Let’s Get Back To Hemingway. Here’s One Shot We are Familiar With And A photo Taken Around The Time Of his High School Graduation.

#15. Photo Of The 26-year-old Muhammad Ali, For the Cover Of Esquire In 1968.

#16. These Are Photos Of The Lovely Coco Chanel In 1910 And 1957.

#17. Everyone Is accustomed To seeing Dostoevsky And Tolstoy As bearded Geniuses. But They Were Also Young Once.

#18. Here You Can See A 34-year-old Hitler And A 24-year-old Stalin.

#19. That Is Hitler At The Age Of 24?

#20. The Victims Of The Hiroshima A-Bomb… 6 years After The Bomb.


BONUS: The Era Before The Photoshop

For several years, a black-and-white photograph purporting to show a man holding an enormous grasshopper has been widely shared on social media.  The image showing a man holding a three-foot long grasshopper is not real. This picture was created as a prank in the 1930s and continues to fool viewers today.

On the other hand, it’s an amusing example of photo editing before Photoshop. And it has a story to tell. In fact, giant grasshoppers were popular subjects for postcards during the 1930s when grasshoppers were a common pest.

Photo: 9gag


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