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40 Funny And Embarrassing Airport Pickup Signs

People those who travel a lot have their own fair share of airport experiences. Most of the time, these experiences are quite memorable.

Interesting people found ways to make arrivals a bit more exciting. The ways basically involve going to an airport with a little twist of creativity. Listed below are some of the best – and especially unforgettable – airport greeting signs.

Take a look!

#1. May the FORCE be with you.

#2. Mommy’s going to be… proud?

#3. What a way to greet your father who’s a soldier.

#4. If you’re a big Star Wards fan, you know exactly why it’s “FATHER.”

#5. One way to paint a smile on your wife’s face!

#6. When you’re about to meet someone on Christmas eve.

#7. Cuteness overload!

#8. Florida it is!

#9. So, what now, Tom? Will you say “yes” or what?

#10. Can anything get cuter than this?

#11. Meeting Johnny who actually has a chocolate factory in Australia.

#12. Best. Dad. Ever.

#13. When your brother-in-law picks you up at the airport.

#14. Just read it.

#15. Mission accomplished!

#16. Boy’s reaction is priceless.

#17. No wonder his brother wouldn’t want to meet him.

#18. Well, at least, he’s a supportive son.

#19. When you ask your neighbor to go pick you up.

#20. These guys definitely miss their parents.

#21. Wow. That’s a lot of information.

#22. When your roommates decide to pick you up at the airport.

#23. How’s this for a start Mokie?

#24. Yup, daddy still loves you!

#25. This seriously needs a trophy!


#27. Imagine the disappointment of other people.

#28. If this greeted you at the airport, would you be happy?

#29. The couch.

#30. Keyword: IMODIUM.

#31. No wall. No Wall.

#32. This is how boyfriends should greet their girlfriends at the airport.

#33. Ah, what sweet little kid.

#34. Just take a time to read this one slowly.

#35. De-briefing incoming!

#36. This one’s dedication is top-notch.

#37. Kids nowadays are experts in savagery.

#38. “Mr Snowden.”

#39. When you’re such a Game of Thrones fan.

#40. Remember not to tell him your full name – and nickname.


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