62-Year-Old Rowan Atkinson Becomes Dad With 33-Year-Old Girlfriend

Renowned comic actor Rowan Atkinson is all set to have his third kid with his 33-year-old girlfriend.

Atkinson, who is best known for his portrayals of Mr Bean, Edmund Blackadder and more recently, Johnny English, already has a couple of kids from his previous marriage.

His other children with his ex-wife Sunetra Sastry are Ben, 23 and Lily, 21. This is the first child with his partner Louise Ford, 33.

He has been with Louise, who plays Kate Middleton in Channel 4 comedy The Windsors, since 2014.

He separated from his wife after a 25-year marriage ended with a court hearing which lasted just over one minute.

One year later, Louise moved in to Rowan’s cottage in North London.

A source told The Mirror:

Rowan and Louise are both over the moon and can’t wait for their new arrival. It’s a very happy time for them both.

The couple met when they acted in a West End comedy back in 2012, and apparently hit it off from there.

He split with his wife Sunetra in 2014, in spite of being in the middle of construction of an £11 million home together.

His son Ben is in the army and his daughter Lily is a cabaret dancer and singer.

Rowan might also be joining another family if one famous singer gets his way, after Liam Gallagher confirmed he thought Mr Bean should play his brother Noel in a film about the life of Oasis.

Liam and Noel’s disrepute as fighting siblings has been well documented since Oasis split up in 2009, with Liam often taking to social media to express his ever-entertaining insights.

The unattractive comparison to the character was made during an interview on Absolute Radio, where Liam said that Noel’s ‘annoying’ personality made Mr Bean the perfect choice to play him in a movie.

He said:

Mr. Bean for Noel, because he’s annoying, isn’t he? You just want to punch his f*cking head in and be like, ‘Stop f*cking about mate.’

And the actor to play Liam himself?

The Manc rocker continued:

I don’t wanna go down the sexy hunky route, so none of that Tom Hardy nonsense for me. Rhys Ifans would be good for me.

He’s a bit out there. Rhys and Mr. Bean. There you go.

While that casting is not likely to happen, he is set to appear in the third instalment of his spy-comedy series Johnny English next year, so expect to see his face plastered all over buses.

Rowan is a bit ambiguous about his monumental fame and has even called his popularity ‘disturbing’.

He said:

It is bizarre. I try not to think about it too much. If I ever do stop and dwell on how well known my face is in so many obscure places of the world then I think I would find it quite disturbing.

Well that’s what you get when you’re a comedy genius about ten times over.

Rowan’s spokesman declined to comment.

Photo: unilad


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