24 Ruthless Ancient Punishments That Will Make You Really Uncomfortable

The punishments and the face of law has changed over the course of time. I am sure most of the punishments today are more lenient when compared to the traditional ones. If you don’t believe then just wait until you go through the kind of tortures that people had to go through in the earlier times.

Check it out:

The coffin trap

The victims were stuffed inside a mini iron coffin with different sizes based on the seriousness of the crimes committed.

The brazen bull

The bull is of metal and hollow from inside where they put the felony inside and burn with full heat from below.

The rack

The victim will be tied on top of the slab and then pulled apart disrupting the body joints.

The Spanish donkey

The criminals will be made to sit on the sharp wedge with heavy weights tied to their legs in order to slice their body through the middle.

Bamboo torture

The criminals are tied naked in a bamboo field, where the budding bamboos emerge and pierce through the bodies slowly.

Knee splitter

It was used in the knees by tightening the screw and the spikes piercing through the leg.

Saw torture

The prisoner will be hung upside down and a huge saw will be used to cut the body through the middle.

Rat torture

The victim’s bare abdomen will be exposed to a cage consisting rats in it. The cage will then be heated up to make the rats go crazy after which they claw and dig through the victim’s flesh.

The head crusher

The head will be placed in the machine, where the cap is on top of the head and the screw will lower down popping the eyes out, breaking the jaw and disrupting the whole facial bone structure.

Chinese water torture

The criminal will be tied to a wooden chair, while either hot or cold water will be poured continuously on the body.

The lead sprinkler

The sprinkler will be filled with molten lead, hot oil or acid before sprinkling it on the prisoner’s body.

The Judas cradle

The victim tied by ropes will be made to sit on top of the metal pyramid which will be lowered slowly by the ropes.

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