20 Terrifyingly Amazing Face Swaps

One of the most used and widely known software is photoshop or any other picture editing application in the world. Literally, these editing applications do wonders with any kind of pictures. And we being humans, always find a funny way to use them. That’s when face swaps enter into the scene. There are literally such face swap pictures that are funny and horrific at the very same time.

1. Funny or horrific, I don’t know.

2. Even after the face swaps, these two look perfect together.

3. Funny for the deer. Horrific for the man.

4. Dwayne the real Rock Johnson, everyone.

5. Never going to have ginger cookies after this horrific face swaps.

6. Now, that’s Halloween in the real sense.

7. Am I the only one who finds this creepy and funny?

8. Such pictures of the prince should not exist.

9. I would literally do anything to unsee this one of all the face swaps pictures.

10. This dude for sure knows what funny means.

11. Why do people even do such things? Not funny, not at all.

12. I have so many questions for this one. The first being, why?

13. This out of all the pictures look so genuine.

14. At least spare the dolphin, you fools!

15. This looks like a horrific still from a movie or a tv series.

16. What was even the need of doing this?

17. Obama always wins, no matter what.

18. Mondler, as perfect and awesome as ever.

19. Do the Obamas know anything the existence of this image?

20. What if I tell you this is an image with face swaps?


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