12 Pictures That Never Stop Being Funny

While browsing the web we come across some pictures that make us laugh at every single time we see them. Despite how cranky a day is, some images will never become boring. 12 pictures that will always make you laugh and no matter how many times you see them they will be not funny.

1. When the Aloe plant ditched. Lol!

This picture surely deserves on the top, I don’t think that this will ever become not funny.

2. The weird-ass sock

One of the images that will always make your ass laugh hard.

3. Let’s taste the rainbow!

Awww! This is really cute yet funny, the dog doesn’t know what he is trying to eat.

4.  The grown-ass guy

I am sure all of us did something similar at least once in a life.

5. An untold story: School toilet!!

Haha! one of the funniest pictures here. This reminds me the typical sight of the walls in school washrooms.

6. The epic job application!

Oops! a Scottish teenager applied for a job and accidentally attached Jamie Oliver recipe for chili beef instead of her CV.

7. The rampaging cat

There was almost a hint of guilt for a second and then she continued. Anyway, I think the owner will spare her for this mess after all she is such an adorable cat.

8. The pigeon interview

Oh my god! You must have heard about varies types of the interview but this? I am damn sure this picture will never be not funny.

9. Confusion among two reds! 

He was amazed why nobody was writing back. And one day he realized he has been posting letters in the dog poo box instead of a letterbox. Damn! This surely will never be not funny.

10. The vomit selfie

Ewww! When your dog messes up your selfie.

11. Is it Marc or Cark??

This happens when people follow instructions too literally.

12. Anyone who had a twin growing up!

I can bet this will never be not funny after all, this is most relatable for most of you.


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