Stray dog dug a hole in a grave, and wouldn’t come out! Here’s why!


A mother dog was found sitting in a grave site obviously in a hole she dug out. She seemed like she was guarding the hole that she had dug in that grave. The poor dog had nowhere to go when she had her litter, so she made a “makeshift home” for her little fluffy family in this “strange” place.

Hiding inside the grave, the poor mother tried her best to protect her kids. The brave mama managed to keep all four puppies happy, safe, and comfortable in this small hole.

Local animal lovers decided to help the homeless bundles of joy, so they started trying to coax the mom out of the hole with food. After a lot of hard work and patience on the part of the rescue team, the dog came forward and ate the food they offered, and showed the initial signs of trusting them. This made the job a bit easier from then onward!

One by one, the rescuers carefully collected the cute little fluff balls from the makeshift grave site “home” they’d been sharing with their mother. The puppies appeared to be in good health, but it can be difficult to tell if dogs have contracted illnesses that are not visible.

It was important that the dogs saw a vet right away, but first, a good nap was needed. It’d been a long day.

The stress of not having a home plus the stress of getting rescued, developing trust, and changing scenery took a lot out of the young family. They got to sleep in this cot for a few hours, finally aware they were safe and would be well cared for by their new human friends.

Finally, vets were able to carefully comb through the dogs’ medical states. Ultrasounds, vaccines, de-worming, and other tests were conducted to ensure they would have a bright, healthy future. After the clean bill of health was made official, the dogs were ready for their forever homes.

The physical affection and genuine love these dogs received for the first time made all the difference in their disposition.

Mama dog expressed her gratitude in her “smiles”

This canine mother must have endured a lot of hardships in order to protect her little family. All the efforts made by those kind-hearted people proved successful when they saw this poor mother rest assured and happy in the end!

Truly yet another amazing chapter of human kindness.

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