Brilliant Bento – The Keyboard Cat Breathes His Last Leaving Fans In Depression

Some lives just enter your life and make it better and give you something to cheer about. In some extraordinary cases you will be left speechless and one such case is of Bento – ‘The Keyboard cat’.

The incredibly talented cat has passed away and understandably the fans will find it really difficult to digest the news.

Though, the cat passed away on March 8, the disturbing news was shared by the owner just recently. Charlie Schmidt posted a video tribute to Bento on Facebook, as well as a picture with the dates of his birth and death, confirming the worst.

Bento was not the original Keyboard Cat – that was another cat owned by Schmidt called Fatso, but the original footage was taken in 1984 so we can safely assume that Fatso left us some time ago.

However, Bento came into his own and became a star online. He made an appearance in many videos, including advertising campaigns, and sold a whole load of Keyboard Cat merchandise.

Interestingly, Bento was also involved in charity work, as he was the face of a pet shelter’s project to try to encourage people to adopt more pets.

As expected tributes kept pouring in ever since the news broke out. One adoring fan said: “Bento the keyboard cat… has died. He passed away last week. He’ll live forever in our memes…”

Another added: “Bento the Keyboard Cat has passed away 3/8/2018. Rest in Paradise <3”

Meanwhile, fellow famous feline Grumpy Cat also broke the news to his 1.47m followers, sharing the tribute video.

Well, fans will surely miss the wonder kit, RIP Bento.


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