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Adopted Dog Kept Staring At Owners Every Night

A dog that has been rescued from a shelter, by a family, who learned of a peculiar habit he exhibited every night.

He was a perfect fit for his new family.

The family was happy with their new dog, and the lovable Golden Retriever reciprocated that love in every way. The lovable dog, used to play with them, go for walks, and cuddled endlessly. However, there was one habit the dog had that was very unusual.

Each morning their dog was in the same spot and still staring.

During bedtime, every night, the dog sat loyally perched just outside his new owners’ bedroom, staring at them. the family had no idea and thought it was just a fallout from him having to adjust to his new surroundings, and would eventually stop.

But each morning they awoke to find their dog in exactly the same spot and still staring. The dog would not sleep at all at night.

They took their new dog to the vet to see what was wrong.

The owner was concerned at this unusual behavior, and took their new dog to the vet, hoping to understand this behavior that they had never seen in any dog before. Even the vet has no answer and said that their dog was 100 percent healthy, and could not explain the unique behavior.

Their dog was healthy. So what had happened?

Curious to know, the family decided to visit the shelter where they had rescued their dog from. They wanted to gather information from the shelter and learn all they could about their dog’s history prior to him becoming a member of their family.

The shelter told the owner about how the dog had come to them. It seems that one night, his previous owner sedated the dog, making him completely unconscious, and that’s how he was delivered to the shelter. When he woke up his owner was gone.

Their dog was worried he’d be abandoned again if he slept.

After learning the sad history of the dog, the family became emotional. When they returned home, they immediately placed the dog’s bed right next to their own. The family wanted to express that they want him and would never do anything like that to him, ever.

The dog soon learned to trust and, consequently, developed the new habit of sleeping soundly throughout the night.

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