30 Funny Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

As we all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But after going through this list you’ll know that these guys aren’t man’s best friend – they’re MUD’S best friend!

Checkout the pictures below!

#1 What?

#2 I Love You So Mud

#3 She Thought She Was Jumping Into Water. Regrets Ensued

#4 My Dog Has Mud Skills Man

#5 Can You Guess Which Dog Knows What The Word “Bath” Means?

#6 Doggie Slipper

#7 The Aftermath Of Wet Weather Meeting A Samoyed Puppy Digging A Hole

#8 Little One Got Stuck In Ditch, Big One Went In To Retrieve Him. No Pup Left Behind!

#9 Just Washed My Dog, I Think Its Safe To Say The Games Are Over

#10 I Just Had The Best Time Ever

#11 Best Day Ever

#12 I Did Not Eat Mud

#13 Just Gave These Two Assholes A Bath…

#14 Dogs In Mud

#15 Dog Finds A Mud Pit, Celebrates Accordingly

#16 No Regrets

#17 The White Dog Finds The Deepest Muddiest Puddle She Can Find And Walks Straight In!

#18 Klaus Got A Bit… Muddy

#19 My White Husky’s Favourite Thing To Do Is Lay In Mud

#20 Dogs Love Steamboat Springs, Mud Or Snow

#21 Can’t Keep The Girl Out Of The Mud

#22 Quick Walk In Between Jobs. This Is The Last Thing I Wanted

#23 I Left Him Alone For Not Even Five Minutes…five Minutes And This Is What Happens

#24 That’s One Dirty Mischievous Pupper.. And He Knows It!

#25 Dirty Dog

#26 Playing In The Mud

#27 My Little Trouble Maker

#28 If There Is Mud… I Will Find It

#29 Guilty

#30 This Happy Dog Was Stuck In The Mud And Had To Be Pulled Out

Photo: Boredpanda


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